View of Lake Yamanaka auberge cosmos French cuisine and wine Mount Fuji

It "is satisfactory of the truth" that auberge cosmos wants to perform notice

It…Time when we feel at ease let alone taste of meal and calm down and are cozy relaxedly

Taste, space, time, location and conversation, ...

・・ to taste all, and to be also satisfied with 
We wish that we want to provide such a place.

iraka, daily life of magnificent Fuji are far, and they are not felt in usual times
If can feel "something"; ・・.

  • Dishes -Cuisine-

    I cook in really delicious state and give without working hard on ingredients in cosmos, and spending time, and regretting.

  • Facility -Facilities-

    We can look at Mount Fuji from all rooms of cosmos. Please see figure of magnificent Fuji of evening in the morning.

  • Bar -Bar-

    It is time for pleasure of home life after meal
    You can enjoy wine of careful selection slowly without minding time.

  • Mount Fuji -Mt.Fuji-

    Mount Fuji which it is called exclusive ... same Fuji, and can show various expressions. Please see scenery with oldness of Japanese heart slowly and carefully.

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Season of special dinner came over on annual Christmas of auberge cosmos....

☆★☆We send by homepage direct reservation limitation plan! ☆★☆ It is "meal" even if we put anything speaking of pleasure of trip. Auberge cosmos is accommodation (auberge) establishing weight in "meal". If pursue it how have customer enjoy "meal"; "at first I am comfortable...

Of child younger than ten years staying has decline.
It is one of the approaches to have you enjoy calm atmosphere.
We would appreciate understanding.


French cuisine and view auberge cosmos of Fuji
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