View of Lake Yamanaka auberge cosmos French cuisine and wine Mount Fuji

Dishes -Cuisine-

... wonderful meal which satisfies stomach and heart

Dinner of cosmos takes about two hours. Warm taste, cold taste, crunchy feeling, a feeling of hokkari, juiciness, it is dinner while we make softly as we want you to taste feeling, pleasure of various meals of one one.
When you came to cosmos, as "person," we want you only to do "meal" not "bait" which only meets stomach. Without being upset at time when delicious dishes, delicious wine, unhurried atmosphere, smile of partner, pleasant conversation etc are fun; ...

  • Salad -Salad-

    Salad and the top of the in one word plate are not words.
    Contest of vegetables which become than ten kinds. Even texture turns into several levels and does not let you get tired. We can enjoy only with freshness vegetables of crunchy foliage plant so much if we think that there is not soggy feeling of warm vegetables.

  • Fish dishes -Poisson-

    When, to fish with light gentle taste, is fruity, sweetness for accent.
    It is never role to attach and just competes.
    Taste doubles by insisting on good point each other.

  • Meat dishes -Viand-

    Meat dishes which become main when we have you have course dishes of cosmos do not need steak such as "straw sandals".
    We prepare quantity to feel sirloin of good-quality Japanese beef which selected carefully if delicious.
    Of course, depending on request, duck, lamb, brand pork from France can prepare regional chicken. (we talk about the pivot at the time of reservation)

Owner chef Asami
Owner chef Asami

It is Asami of owner chef.
It is such a tough look that we got angry at…(wry smile)
At time when all of you have you enjoy meal and wine slowly, I enjoy cooking in kitchen, too.
As we have unlikelihood surprise to have voice to have you please and like such a thing, we finish while imagining the moment.

Salad -Salad-

In morning of auberge cosmos, it is Japanese dishes. May be surprised, but after all morning is rice.
We think that after all it is to eat rice well to develop one-day vitality.
Because it is Japanese who was born and raised in Japan.

We are full and enter.

Sweets which is attractive one of the cosmoses.
Only Sweets enters strangely even if we become very full (laugh).

Gorgeous time ... which gives glory to the last of meal.
Time to make this instant is person moment looking forward to for chef.

We enjoy

We are effeminate a little while giving candy work.
In fact, we do in the backside like that and grow.
At first we see suddenly, and no is impressed! Moment ... which tension is sublimed into at a stretch.
It is unbearable (ki).

Contrast of taste

Cold ice and Western confectionery which we baked.
Bitterness of sweet source and chocolate.
It is fruit of texture with melty gelato well.
And it is crispness ... of candy.

Please enjoy such a contrast.

Original dessert
French cuisine and view auberge cosmos of Fuji
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